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Villanova Basketball coaches watching 2019 forward Aidan Igiehon

Yep, 2019 recruiting is officially here.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Y'all ready for 2019 recruiting?! NY Lightning director Dana Dingle is reporting that Jay Wright and Kyle Neptune are trekking to Long Island to check out freshmen phenom Aidan Igiehon, a 6'9" freshman at Lawrence Woodmere Academy.

Not much to report on him just yet other than he's an Irish import, but from various reports he's long and a great athlete and has already impressed on the AAU circuit with his ability to score and rebound the ball. St. John's was also in to see him earlier this week, and you can bet he'll be a priority for them as Mullin and staff look to close off the walls around New York.

From the looks of it, he'll be one of the top prospects in the tri-state area when it's all said and done, so good job by Jay and staff to get a look at him early.