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The Sun's Arizin: Knocking a referee down is definitely a technical foul

Tempers flare up on the sidelines pretty often (did you see Arizona at ASU?), but this high school game got a little too heated.

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Villanova's Ryan Arcidiacono owes a lot of his skill and development to the coaches who taught him the game before he ever set foot on the Main Line hardwood. Neshaminy High's Jerry Devine is one of those coaches, and he's now making the news for something a little less proud than helping the Arcidiacono boys to develop their basketball game.

Apparently, he chest-bumped a referee (but it looked like a headbutt). That will get you a technical foul every time, and an ejection, and in this case, an indefinite suspension -- a term that human resources uses when they want you to go away while they talk about firing you.

The Villanova guard obviously came to the support of his former coach.

"Coach Devine is a great guy," Arcidiacono said it a statement released before the game. "I was surprised to hear what happened. I texted him that I was thinking of him and how good a person he is."

And now, the "news."

High School Basketball Coach Chest Bumps Ref To The Ground (UPDATE) | Deadspin
Pennsbury High School (Penn.) took on Neshaminy High School (Penn.) in basketball tonight, and at the end of the game shit got out of control. The City of Basketball Love obtained a six-second cell phone video of recorded game footage, which shows Neshaminy head coach Jerry Devine chest bumping a referee. CoBL reports that the incident occurred with less than 30 seconds left, after a Neshaminy player was called for a charge.

Video: Neshaminy coach gets physical with referee | CoBL
The school released a statement early Wednesday morning saying it will conduct a thorough review of Tuesday night's incident involving Divine and a referee. The district added that since it is an ongoing investigation, it will not be able to comment about it until the completion of the investigation.

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