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More Details for Jay Wright’s Book emerge

Cover released, Charles Barkley to pen forward.

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The cover of Jay Wright’s book, Attitude.
The cover of Jay Wright’s book, Attitude.
Penguin Random House Publishers

The exuberance of a National Championship has caused a handful of authors to tell their story of the 2016 Villanova Wildcats.

ESPN’s Dana O’Neil was the first to announce her book, Long Shots, which will be released in February. Shortly after that announcement, head coach Jay Wright announced that his story would also be published; more details were publicly released today.

In addition to the cover, Attitude, a release date of February 28, 2017 was noted. Additionally, the book will include a forward by Charles Barkley (remember his reaction when Kris Jenkins nailed the championship-winning shot?).

The book will be co-written by Mike Sheridan, Nova Basketball’s Director of Media Relations, with consulting by Mark Dagostino, who has worked on memoirs by other athletes like Hulk Hogan and Rudy Ruettiger.

The subtitle of Wright’s book "Develop a Winning Mindset on and off the Court" shows that the tome will be more than a memoir, and will focus on personal growth in the shadow of preparing a team for a National Championship run.

Wright’s book promises a "behind-the-scenes look at the making of a champion", as he "shares his competitive and cooperative philosophy, along with lessons from his coaching career and the story of his personal road to success". Additionally, Wright shares leadership secrets and principles for success for the board room or on the court.

Fans are able to pre-order Attitude now.