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No more debate: Villanova is one of the very best programs in college basketball

Welcome to the big time.


TGIF, 'Nova Nation! I know some of you probably saw this yesterday but it bears repeating. I know we're all big Mark Titus fans here, mostly for his 'Nova love even through our down times. He penned a great piece yesterday, and closes with calling Jay Wright "a perfect man."

'Nuff said.

See you tonight for Hoops Mania

And now, the "news."

The Villanova Championship Ripple Effect | The Ringer
Kris Jenkins’s 3-point buzzer-beater did more than just hand the Wildcats last season’s national title

Hot Board: Five-stars hit the road as signing period nears | ESPN ($)
Duke, Texas, Michigan State and Villanova will host top-50 prospects this weekend. Where are each of them leaning?

Villanova to bring in 11 ranked players in 2017 & 2018 | Scout
Official visit season is nearing its end, but there are still a number of key visits this coming weekend. Who is headed where? Scout has the latest.

College Basketball’s Best Wing Forwards | NBC Sports
These are the best wings in college basketball. Guess where Josh Hart is ranked?

5 Best Things From Joel Embiid’s NBA Debut | CBS Philly
Embiid was in the zone and started barking at Steven Adams, a solid NBA defender, saying "he can't guard me."

Watch the best sports Vines of all time before Vine shuts down |
Vine is dead. Long live Vine.

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