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Nobody is playing better than Villanova’s Josh Hart

No arguments here.

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Happy Monday, ‘Nova Nation! MikeJ. went out and stole all those awesome crushin’-on-Josh Hart articles from Sunday (damn you Mike) in an obvious attempt to bankrupt me of all the good reads from Monday.

BUT OH WAIT I FOUND ONE THAT HE FORGOT. (And Ed found the second one)

Mike Jensen’s profile on Hart from Saturday is worth the read - as is the Fox article - if only to bask in Hart’s glory a little more.

And now, the "news."

Nobody in college is playing better than Josh Hart |
This was later. Josh Hart had already done his thing and deconstructed it. Villanova teammate Mikal Bridges had explained what he just seen from Hart inside the Prudential Center on a memorable day. A question for Jay Wright: Can he live with Hart's being the favorite for national college player of the year?

Why Villanova's Josh Hart is college basketball's most intriguing prospect | FOX Sports
He's not the "best" long-term NBA prospect. But pass on him at your own risk.

The Arch-way to Brunson | Big East Coast Bias
Jalen Brunson isn’t just filling the gap left by Arcidiacono—he’s dominating on his own.

Watch Verne Lundquist’s emotional goodbye from the booth after his final Army-Navy game |
We’ll miss you on Saturdays, Uncle Verne.