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A short term interuption to The Sun’s Arizin

We’re undergoing some changes, please bear with us.

Villanova Mug Arizin Links

Happy Thursday, ‘Nova Nation!

You will likely be looking for the morning links here. Today, you won’t find them. But please feel free to still use this post as your daily place to converse. And if you have links to share, please do in the comments!

The reason you aren’t seeing any links today is because SB Nation is undergoing some backend changes, and the latest batch went live late last night. We used a tool called the clipper to aggregate links across the entire staff, which made it easy to create this daily post.

As the SBN publishing platform continues to change (for the better), that clipper tool has been sunsetted - though it will be replaced we’re told - and thus we (me) were caught a bit offguard last night by the non-availability of the aggregated links.

My goal is to return to the links on Friday, but it may be Monday. We as a staff need to figure out a new process to aggregate these links so that we can continue this series efficiently going forward.

Thanks for bearing with us (me)!