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Should college basketball switch from halves to quarters?

Seth Davis says not so fast my friend!

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Happy Thursday, 'Nova Nation! I've seen it on Twitter to varying degrees this season, but there is a growing movement that men's basketball should adopt the quarters system used by pretty much everybody else in the world.

Fouls and media timeouts are the two hot button issues - and while I'm sure we would all be just fine with the latter being reduced, it's unlikely to happen given the money the TV networks have invested in the sport.

But the foul changes that would happen are intriguing - what say you?

And now, the "news."

Why men's college hoops shouldn't switch to quarters |
Many college basketball pundits and fans want a switch to four quarters, but what advantages does the system offer?

Inquirer Editorial: Eagles fans can ease the pain with thoughts of Temple, Penn State, and Villanova |
So, the wheels have come off of the Wentz wagon and the Eagles are fading fast. But hold on to your snow balls, Philadelphia sports fans. All is not lost.

Basketball manager undertakes humble role behind the scenes | The Villanovan
Dave Ford is not most students. He is the head of a group of students so essential to the basketball program that he, along with another senior, are on scholarship for their work.

The Father of Villanova Football | The Villanovan
Talley leaves behind a legacy as his 32-year tenure came to a close.

Coincidence? UD job still vacant as Spiders win again
Richmond's Rocco, who has his team in FCS quarterfinals, viewed by many as front-runner for Blue Hens' job

Eleven teams are unbeaten. Which has the best chance for a perfect season? | The Washington Post
Indiana was the last college basketball team to go undefeated, in 1976.

Dayton botched 3 wide open dunks in a 9-minute span |

Joe Buck once called a Brett Favre touchdown while peeing in a trash can |
It happens.