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Could Villanova Basketball coach Jay Wright replace Rick Pitino at Louisville?

It's that time of year again!

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Pitino's tenure at Louisville has been a successful one, but it hasn't been without some black marks on the Cardinals program either. The latest is an escort scandal that Pitino continues to deny any previous knowledge of, but has resulted in a self-imposed postseason ban by the school that Pitino is none too happy about.

Could Rick Pitino be on the way out at Louisville? Yahoo's Pat Forde at least considers it a possibility. From his latest 'Forde Minutes' column (he heaps praise on Wright earlier in the story as well) if you click through:

Pitino may well face a suspension for multiple games next season, and a coaching change may further mitigate further NCAA punishment – in addition to the self-imposed postseason ban, which blindsided Pitino earlier this month. After 15 seasons it might be time for a reset. How good is the job: Among the best in the country. No expenses spared, no better facilities. Who might get the call: Athletic director Tom Jurich’s fall-back guy if Pitino did not come in 2001 was a little-known guy at Hofstra named Jay Wright. He’s turned out OK. But that was before he became an institution in Philadelphia.

(Also noteworthy - there's been speculation that Tom Jurich could take USC job - speculation Jurich has denied)

Forde clearly isn't trying to create a rumor. His reasoning for Wright getting a call is sound (and frankly, Louisville would be silly not to call) and he evens goes as far to suggest that Wright may be unapproachable at this juncture in his career. All of that is correct.

Louisville is a great job - one of the best even - and they'll go after big name coaches. I'd even bet on them getting one, much like Texas did with Shaka Smart. But it's highly unlikely they'll get Jay Wright, a man who has turned down overtures from even better jobs in the past and is currently crushing it at Villanova.