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Jay Wright Suit Watch: Butler

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

There was a slight fear that Saturday's game against Butler could have been a complete trap game.

It was the day that Villanova would be celebrating the Class of 2016- the school's winningest class of all time; could the team be over-hyped celebrating their seniors? And could the nation, and 'Cats, be looking ahead to a Top 5 game on Wednesday in Cincinnati against the Xavier Musketeers? Could Nova Nation be looking ahead to Monday's polls and a third consecutive week at #1?

It wasn't to happen. Although the Bulldogs would take the lead in the second half, 'Nova ended up with a double-digit victory. All in all it was a great day that was capped off by, what could be arguably be, Jay Wright's best look of the season.

The Villanova head coach may now have a go-to suit for fantastic looks; it is the same one he unveiled against Creighton earlier in the month. This plain, two-piece navy suit featuring pick-stitching on the lapel, was donned with a french blue shirt and a blue hued paisley tie. For the second time in three games, Wright wore a tie bar.

Wright finished off the look with a light blue pocket square and a light blue puzzle piece pin to support Autism Awareness Day in College Basketball.

Tie, Shirt, Lapel Close-up

VU Hoops #SuitWatch Rating

4.75/5 Esquires: Jay wears a blue-based monochromatic look that was exquisitely paired and expertly worn.