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Season Predictor Update

We've got a winner with two games left.

Prior to this year's campaign starting we had folks submit their guesses/entries for the entire season in our 2015-16 Villanova Hoops Predictor Contest. The winner will win bragging rights and internet bonus points.

With two games remaining we have an update, and can announce the winner- Pheima01.


Season Predictor Top 10

Rank VU Hoops username 2/28 Score
1 Pheima01 48
2 Vnova86 47
2 vuwildc07 47
2 RTrain 47
5 mander22 46
5 mgregor3 46
5 MacSullivan70 46
5 Joopes1096 46
5 ivy_by_assn 46
5 Jwscones 46

Want to see how you did? Here's a PDF of the results.