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Jay Wright Suit Watch: Marquette

Blue Stripes on Stripes are back.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Villanova Wildcats returned to the court for the first time after losing as a #1 team earlier in the week as they traveled to Milwaukee for a Saturday matinee against the Marquette Golden Eagles.

Astute followers of #SuitWatch have been picking up some new sartorial tendencies from Jay Wright this season; namely his penchant for wearing lots of blue and layering of stripes. Coaching the Wildcats in their victory on #NationalMarquetteDay saw nothing to change that.

Jay Wright took to the court of the Bradley Center in a two-piece navy suit with faint pinstripes. Underneath, he wore a blue and white broadcloth shirt (which mimic'd the pairing that he wore against Seton Hall) and a blue geometric shape that was same one he wore against Georgetown.

He finished off the look with a tie bar and a white pocket square.

VU Hoops #SuitWatch Rating

4/5 Esquires: Very similar to the look against Georgetown (which drops the scoring), but the better style raises it to the 4-esquire level.