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Latest Bracketology has Villanova high, but sliding further from home

Anything can happen this season, so the brackets are shifting.

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Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

While the #Bracketology projections are still moving and shaking up across the field, Villanova has stayed pretty locked in compared to last week. The only major shift in the brackets below is Shelby Mast's move of Villanova from the East Region last week to the Midwest with this release.  In terms of seeding, however, the 'Cats have held steady.

Mast's shift makes it a little less likely that the Wildcats will find themselves on a path to play the second weekend at home in Philadelphia. That said, regardless of where they play, they are currently still positioned to take a favorable seeding into the competition. With so many flawed teams among the best in the field, however, the Tournament will be about keeping your opponent from exploiting those flaws.

Even with Villanova sliding a little further from home this week, things still look pretty nice for the Wildcats. We still have 3 of the 5 projected brackets have the Wildcats on the top line, while the other two have them on the 2-seed. Meanwhile, the Big East is projecting between four or five teams this week, and Xavier is also picking up a few one-seed projections.

ESPN (Joe Lunardi - 2/1)

SB Nation (Chris Dobbertean - 2/2)

CBS (Jerry Palm - 1/25)

Palm has the Wildcats in as a two-seed in the East Region, along with Seton Hall (8-Seed), and 1-Seeded Iowa.

USA TODAY (Shelby Mast - 2/2)

Sporting News (Ryan Fagan - 2/1)

Fagan still isn't projecting a full bracket, but rather seed lines. He still have the Wildcats on the top line with Oklahoma, North Carolina and Iowa.