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Daniel Ochefu Suit Watch

The fashion apples don't fall far from the Jay Wright tree.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Jay Wright has instilled a belief of Family and Attitude within the Villanova Basketball family. Those off-the-court tenets manifest themselves in the tremendous passion and excellence that is displayed everytime a Wildcat steps on the hardwood.

Wright has also firmly established a sense of fashion in his players' minds.

After sustaining a concussion last Friday and following the University's protocol for the situation, big man Daniel Ochefu was on the sidelines for the second consecutive game. It is never a good sign when a player is in a suit on the bench; the only benefit is showing how everyone in the Villanova Family wants to dress like Jay.

The senior captain donned a perfectly fitting grey suit; something that must be difficult for someone 6'10" to acquire. Underneath, he wore a basic white shirt and a blue geometric tie.

This is a perfect look (and wardrobe asset) for a student as the neutral color suit and basic shirt can provide versatility for numerous semi-formal events.

Here's hoping that this is also the finale of the Student #SuitWatch Series.