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Jay Wright Suit Watch: Providence

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

The Providence Friars came into Saturday's game with the nation's #11 ranking and were poised to knock off the #3 Villanova Wildcats for the second time this season.

An overconfidence fell on the Friar Faithful as the circumstances of Daniel Ochefu's inability to play, Ben Bentil's ankle healing quickly, and the home court advantage set the stage for the game. The Wildcats put their basics on display on the court and ultimately won by a dozen.

With his style, Jay Wright also displayed how basics can lead to excellence.

Villanova's head coach took to the court of the Dunkin Donuts Center with a two-piece navy pinstripe suit. underneath he wore a lavender shirt and purple geometric tie.

A pale pink pocket square finished off the look.

VU Hoops #SuitWatch Rating

3.75/5 Esquires: Wright looks good from a distance, but up close the tie leaves more to be desired.