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Jay Wright Suit Watch: Providence

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

It was Friday night in Manhattan and a chance to play in their second consecutive BIG EAST Tournament Championship Game was on the line; Neither the Villanova Wildcats nor Jay Wright's style disappointed.

'Nova methodically handled Providence's Ben Bentil and, Conference Player of the Year, Kris Dunn as the high-scoring duo were held to 12 combined points in the Wildcats' semifinal victory and Jay Wright methodically out-dressed everyone in Manhattan.

The Villanova head coach took to the Madison Square Garden sidelines in another monochromatic look featuring high-end micro detailing. Wright went with a two piece dark charcoal suit that was a few hues lighter than the one the magnificently dressed coach wore against Georgetown. Friday's suit also had more vibrant white pinstripes. Underneath, the coach wore a white shirt with micro pin-points and a black tie with white, individual paisleys.

He finished off the look with a light grey pocket square.

Suit, Shirt, Tie Detail

VU Hoops Jay Wright #SuitWatch Rating

(4.5/5 Esquires) Another exquisite monochromatic look for the conference semifinals. Wright shows versatility in his style with the mix of traditional and trendy. A perfect display of sartorial excellence for another Villanova Business Trip.