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NCAA Tournament 2016: Villanova seeded in South Region to protect North Carolina

No explanation makes sense, but Villanova might be better off.

Happy Monday, 'Nova Nation! I know you're all still probably worked up a day later, and the committee's choice to flip Villanova and Xavier doesn't make any more sense today unless you subscribe that Nortg Carolina earned that protection. It is ridiculous, but let me play devil's advocate and say that we would be irate if Villanova had to go to Raleigh and play Duke or Carolina as the top seed, as Mike Jensen notes in his column.

Plus, the South looks like a much easier path for Villanova whereas the East is loaded. So just take care of business next weekend and then go from there.

And now, the "news."

Joe Lunardi: The NCAA tournament selection committee got so much wrong | ESPN
Where did the selection committee go wrong with this year's NCAA tournament bracket? Let Joe Lunardi count the many, many ways.

NCAA tournament: Points to ponder |
Would 'Nova fans want to play in Raleigh, N.C., as a No. 1 seed if North Carolina was the second seed?

NCAA committee fails site test |
There is no reason to get frustrated with the NCAA Tournament selection committee's bracket because it is an annual mystery. However, its members may have outdone themselves this year.

Villanova not focused on past NCAA Tournament failures | City of Basketball Love
Ryan Arcidiacono wants that damn elephant out of the room once and for all.

What you need to know about the South Region |
For instance, Josh Hart is one of the 15 best players in the country, but not one of the five best in the South Region.

South Region: Absolutely loaded with threats to Kansas | New York Post
Time for 'Big Smooth' to realize his destiny and lead Villanova back to the promised land.

Ryan Arcidiacono has some great thoughts on diving into the stands | FOX Sports
If you're looking for evidence that Ryan Arcidiacono ought to make college basketball's All-Tough First Team, look no further than what happened a few minutes into the second half of Villanova's 76-68 victory over Providence on Friday at Madison Square Garden.

NCAA Tournament: No Philly, but Villanova ready for challenge | Comcast SportsNet
Villanova is disappointed it won't have a chance to play in Philadelphia during the NCAA Tournament, but the Wildcats like the challenge.

March Madness, as told by Villanova's 1985 champion | Colorado Springs GazetteMarch Madness, as told by Villanova's 1985 champion | Colorado Springs Gazette
"Coach, he was talking about everything except the game. He was asking us if we called our sister, our mom," says Ed Pinckney, the former Villanova star and now an assistant coach with the Nuggets. "He was very loose. We were just having fun."

Villanova women's basketball's twins marking their own paths | Campus Rush
Twins Katherine and Caroline Coyer have always been there for each other at Villanova, but they have learned to be independent as they move onto post-grad life.

Some Evil Idiot Attacked The Iditarod Frontrunners And Killed A Sled Dog | Deadspin
There are some truly fucked up reports of snowmobile dog murder out of Alaska.