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Can you trust Villanova Basketball in March Madness this year?

The answer of course, is yes, but I can understand the doubters.

Happy Tuesday, 'Nova Nation! As the podcasts drop and the first bracket projections are getting published, there's a ton of chatter about whether you can trust Villanova this year. Forget the fact that they haven't been to a Final 4 since 2009, the last two years have been especially brutal. Receny bias is a thing, but this year is a different team, with different opponents for better or worse.

And that's the biggest reason why more 'experts' than I thought are on the Villanova train. The field is considerably weaker this year and Villanova is clearly among the best teams in the country. If they get hot, or even play as they're capable of consistently, they've got to like their odds to get to the second weekend. After that, it's all gravy.

And now, the "news."

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The Villanova Wildcats got back to the practice court on Monday afternoon at the Davis Center and talked to the media beforehand.

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UNC-Asheville's coach likes DMB. So naturally the Gods are going to punish him with a Villanova beatdown.