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Jay Wright Suit Watch: DePaul

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

It was the final college basketball game in The Pavilion for Ryan Arcidiacono, Daniel Ochefu, Patrick Farrell, Henry Lowe, and Kevin Rafferty. Additionally, a third consecutive outright BIG EAST Regular Season Championship was on the line for the Villanova Wildcats.

Everyone knew that Jay Wright would put forth a serious effort with his style, just as the 'Cats did in defeating DePaul.

For the first time since the 2015-16 conference schedule started, Coach Wright donned a three-piece suit going with deep charcoal and stark white chalk stripes. Underneath, the interesting decision to wear a blue shirt was made. That shirt was matched with a gray-based tie with small blue geometric shapes.

A white pocket square finished the look.

VU Hoops #SuitWatch Rating

3/5 Esquires: That blue shirt is throwing everything off and is only saved by Jay's decision to go with three pieces.