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Ryan Arcidiacono and Jay Wright have a father-son relationship for Villanova Basketball

Great minds think alike, ya know?

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Happy Tuesday, 'Nova Nation! Sat next to a Miami grad on my flight last night who is terrified of Nova and thinks the Canes don't stand a chance. That in turn terrified me of my own expectations. Good guy, and fun times.

Really nice article on the relationship between Wright and Arch from Nicole Auerbach -we're definitely going to have some Arch-less growing pains next year as this team transitions but good thing that Jalen Brunson possesses a similar mentality.

Enough about next year, Lane. Let's focus on Thursday!

And now, the "news.'

Jay Wright's bond with guard Ryan Arcidiacono one key to Villanova's success | USA TODAY
The Wildcats' coach says no words need to be exchanged for his star to get the message.

After Sunday's beat down of Iowa, how far can 'Nova go? | City of Basketball Love
The Sweet 16 was never the goal, and now the Wildcats think they can go all the way if they keep playing at this level.

Villanova dominates again, but only a Final Four will silence critics |
The most impressive, dominant pair of performances in the NCAA Tournament so far? Villanova. All Villanova. Nobody to choose but Villanova.

Ja'Quan Newton: "No defense in the country can rattle us." | My Palm Beach Post
After beating Wichita State and Virginia, the Canes are confident they can score on anybody.

Reseeding the Sweet 16 based on the first weekend| ESPN
Yep, Villanova was out there destroying everything in their path. Maybe they should have been a #1 seed afterall!

16 things to know about the Sweet 16 of the 2016 NCAA Tournament |
After a wild weekend in the NCAA Tournament, what does the Sweet 16 have in store? You'll have a better idea after CBS Sports College Basketball Insider gives you 16 things to know about the Sweet 16.

Backcourt, Big East add to Butler's uncertainty for next year
Butler’s back-to-back appearances in the NCAA tournament have perhaps disguised how difficult the transition to the Big East was, and is.

Come back to the Big East, BC | The Boston Globe
“A return to the Big East would bring games to the New York area. This region boasts the 2ndone of the largest concentrations of alumni in the country.” — Gene Roman

The Anatomy of Texas A&M's Comeback vs. Northern Iowa | Good Bull Hunting
A frame-by-frame breakdown of Sunday's truly miraculous 44 seconds

TCU Reportedly Hires Jamie Dixon | Frogs O' War
Former Frog Jamie Dixon reportedly accepts an offer to become the 21st head coach in TCU Men's Basketball history.