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NCAA Tournament 2016: Villanova is getting ready for Kansas and Happy Birthday Ryan Arcidiacono!

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It's a special Saturday edition of The Sun's Arizin! Villanova is not only preparing to tip off with Kansasfor a trip to the Final Four at 8:49p, but it's Ryan Arcidiacono's birthday today!

You're going to need some help getting through the day; let us help you...

Villanova basketball playing in Elite 8 for new Big East Conference's pride | Courier-Journal
"I think we're a new league," Wildcats coach Jay Wright said. "We're going to go by our record and we're going to go by our accomplishments. So if we can do that for the league, I do think it would help our respect level. And if we can be a part of that, I'd be really proud to do that."

Cunningham’s Villanova Legacy | Basketball Insiders
Dante Cunningham's 2009 group was the last Villanova team in the Final Four. He's hoping this year's team repeats the feat.

Loss in Big East title game was wake-up call Villanova needed | Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia
"I think the second half of the Seton Hall game defensively is where we kind of picked it up a little bit," Josh Hart said. "Phil Booth, Mikal Bridges came in, played outstanding minutes on the defensive end. That's the reason we were able to get in the game because we committed ourselves to defense."

What will Providence look like without Ben Bentil and Kris Dunn? | Big East Coast Bias
After Kris Dunn and Ben Bentil's NBA Draft declarations, what weapons do Ed Cooley and Providence have in their arsenal heading into the 2016-2017 season?

Whatever happened to: Jim Washington |
When Atlanta was getting introduced to the NBA in the early 1970’s, Jim Washington was one of the team’s more popular players. He looked awfully good in a uniform, some calling him "Smooth" as he galloped down the court. And he could also almost jump out of the gym. Washington, who is 6-foot-6, spent many nights going over the backs of big men like Wilt Chamberlain and Bob Lanier.

Villanova defeats Miami 92-69, advances to Elite Eight |
"To get through pass the second round for us has been a big deal since 2009 obviously," said Allen Landis, Villanova grad student.

Villanova proves 'Power 5' term meaningless in rout of Miami
f there is to be such a thing as the "Power 5" among collegiate athletic conferences, and if such a designation is to apply to basketball and not just football, well, OK: Who are you kicking out to make room for Villanova and the Big East?

Daniel Ochefu helps Villanova Wildcats offense reach historic levels | ESPN
Jay Wright's successful Villanova teams earned the Wildcats the moniker, "Guard U." That's still true, but don't underestimate Ochefu's impact.

Bucks County native, Villanova's star player shares journey to Elite 8 |
Just like he's done in the NCAA tournament, Ryan Arcidiacono used to make shot after shot on a Fisher Price net in his Langhorne living room.

UNC's Nate Britt, Villanova's Kris Jenkins share bond beyond basketball | USA Today
The two are legally brothers, and they can't help looking ahead to a possible matchup.

4 Bars In Philly To Watch Villanova | CBS Philly
Villanova will take on Kansas Saturday at 8:49 p.m. in the South Regional Final.

VIllanova Preview | Rock Chalk Talk
Kansas takes on one of the more unique teams in major college basketball in Villanova tonight. I am tempted to make this the shortest preview of my life and simply say if Villanova shoots well from...

Kansas May Not Even Be Able To Stop Villanova | CBS Philly
Here’s the major problem Kansas faces: No team in the tournament right now is playing better than Villanova.