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Final Four 2016: NRG Stadium shooting woes could help or hurt Villanova

Maybe Buddy Hield can be stopped afterall.

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Happy Tuesday, 'Nova Nation! One angle I've distinctly tried to avoid hitting on is the shooting dilemma of playing a basketball game in an NFL stadium. For starters, I was never all that great at basketball - certainly not good enough to assess what kind of impact this has on a shooter. Also, both teams are playing on the same court and so the disadvantage applies to everyone.

But, as I think about this weekend's matchup I think it is worth taking a look at. Oklahoma and Villanova both heavily rely on strong shooting, but Villanova has been less reliant on the long-ball during the NCAA Tournament. But in reality, both teams rely on spacing and shot-making. Defense will need to continue to be the key for the Wildcats - and just maybe they get a boost from an arena which has been unkind to shooters.

And now, the "news."

Why the Final Four venue may be North Carolina's biggest advantage | The Dagger - Yahoo Sports
From Yahoo Sports: NRG Stadium has been a house of torment for shooters, and the Tar Heels are least reliant on 3-point shots.

The NRG effect | KenPom
There have been 15 college basketball games played in NRG neé Reliant Stadium since it opened in 2002. In those games, the 30 participating teams have made 178 of their 553 3-point attempts for a success rate of 32.2 percent. This could be the result of cataclysmic randomness, but if a team shot 32.2 percent over 30 games, you’d be pretty convinced they weren’t a very good shooting team. A team shooting like that this season would rank 260th in Division-I, and this includes six games using the shorter 3-point line.

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At one point the light went on for North Carolina, Oklahoma, Villanova and Syracuse. One moment made each season special. A look at the moments that led these teams to the Final Four.

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Previewing the Final Four matchup between the Sooners and the Wildcats on Saturday night.

Villanova's crying piccolo girl, a year later, is smiling now, headed to Houston | USA Today
The images of her in tears went viral last year when the Wildcats lost.

Maturing Mikal Bridges comes up big on defense for Villanova | ESPN
Pushed around during his redshirt year, Mikal Bridges is proving he's no pushover on defense off the bench for the Wildcats in the NCAA tournament.

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The Final Four is set with Oklahoma, Villanova, North Carolina and Syracuse. The storylines include Buddy Hield, Hall of Famers, Roy Williams' career plans and NCAA scandals.

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Villanova and its faithful deserve every calorie of joy earned and spent on the run to the Final Four.

Villanova all the way |
When Villanova went to the 2009 Final Four, I was not surprised. In fact, I picked the Wildcats in my bracket that year because I liked the draw. I did not pick them to win it because I thought there was no chance they could beat North Carolina if that was the national semifinal matchup.

Event superlatives: 5-foot-6 Villanova recruit stands out at DC event | ESPN ($)
Don't get too excited - that's a misleading headline - but Chris Lykes is continuing to get high praise despite measurables that should make him an afterthought.

On Probation vs. Under Investigation: Final Four marred by schools with scandals | Yahoo Sports
From Yahoo Sports: Oklahoma and Nova are in; so are Syracuse and UNC. But the latter two carry some baggage with them.

Villanova has no shot of stopping Buddy Hield | New York Post
Sure, okay.

Buddy Hield owes his nickname to 'Married with Children' |
"I was a red baby growing up."

Temple selects architect for stadium |
Temple University has selected Moody Nolan, the largest African-American owned and managed architecture firm in the country, to design a proposed football stadium for its North Philadelphia neighborhood, officials announced Monday.

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