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Want a last-minute ticket to the 2016 Final Four? Prepare to pay up.

Villanova fans should brace to see their bank balances drop.

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Villanova Wildcats fans who are still looking to book their trip to the Final Four should be prepared to spend good money. Tickets for the Final Four are expensive even on their face, but if you have to resort to the resale markets, the prices only skyrocket.

According to, fans were paying an average of $803 for tickets to the Final Four games in Houston this weekend. Just for the semifinals, fans are paying an average of $515 with an average resale price of $455 on sales of title game tickets.

Of course, you can find tickets for cheaper, if you are willing to sit in the upper reaches of a stadium built for NFL football, tickets are available for as low as $286. The SeatGeek averages include fans who are buying more premium-priced seats closer to the action.

In fact, prices have dropped at least slightly since the field was set for Houston; proof that practically nobody had picked this group to reach the Final Four.

The average price of tickets for this weekend is more than five-times what people paid, on-average, to buy tickets to a Villanova home game this season. They're a discount over last season's semifinals though, when resale prices were about 75% higher.

SeatGeek's data also shows that about 10% of the resale purchases of tickets have been scooped up by fans located in Oklahoma -- the second highest percentage of purchases after the local Texas markets at 30%. New Yorkers accound for 9% of the resold tickets, which suggests a strong Syracuse presence (though, surely some of those are also Villanova fans). Only 5% of purchases tracked by SeatGeek were bought by fans in Pennsylvania.

Tickets for the 2016 NCAA national semifinals are selling for lower prices than the last three years in Indianapolis, Arlington (TX), and Atlanta. In 2012 and 2011, the semifinals tickets sold for an average of $360 and $392, respectively, and finals in those years sold for $236 and $357.

Of course, all of those numbers are likely to change as the week progresses.

The average resale price for tickets for an all-session pass to the Wildcats' opening weekend in Brooklyn was $378. For last weekend's Sweet 16 and Elite 8 games in Louisville, fans paid an average of $289.

If you're wondering how those prices compare, it's worth noting that the average ticket price for the (FBS) College Football Championship was $607 this year. The Super Bowl and NBA finals however, blow the college game(s) out of the water, costing an average of $4,531 and $1,412.