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Ordering a snack for the 2016 Final Four? Statistics to help you choose wisely

We've got some data on what you should order for your Final Four watch.

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William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

I can't help it, but I'm superstitious about sports. During the 2009 World Series, I had to drink my favorite beer in a bottle even when it was on-tap; I drank bottled beer and sat in a chair that was partially broken at the same bar to make sure that my team would win. If I had a draft or went somewhere nicer? They were screwed.

So it rings a bell with me when someone offers some small potential proof that a team's luck is changed for the better or worse by something I can do.

This nugget comes from GrubHub, an internet purveyor of delivered meals, who did some analysis of its sales data to help prove the value of my superstitions. By tracing order trends against Villanova's wins and losses, they were able to pull together a short list of "Good Luck Foods" for the Wildcats this season.

If you're at NRG Stadium in Houston, you'll have to settle for the offerings of the Houston Texan's plentiful concession stands. For the rest of #NovaNation, planning to order some food for their Final Four gamewatch, you might want to consider some Vegetable fried rice.

According to GrubHub, these are Villanova's Good Luck Foods:

  1. Orders of vegetable fried rice spiked 64.7% on days when Villanova won
  2. Orders of sweet potato roll spiked 42.3%
  3. Orders of cheese whiz fries spiked 37.2%