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Where does Ryan Arcidiacono rank among the all-time Villanova greats?

I guess it depends on how you define 'great.'

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Huuuuuuuuuuump Daaaaaaaaay! Damn, I cannot believe I'm just a couple of days away from Houston. This week is flying and that is usually not the case with regards to me and anticipation.

One story caught my eye last night - Nicole Auerbach of USA TODAY penned a good piece about how Jay Wright believes Arch is one of the greatest Villanova players ever. Not shocked to hear Jay say that, and I'll even admit Arch is winning me over with this run.

But I am curious to hear some thoughts on the topic (and yes, I know I'm risking a flame war in the comments). 'Great' is such a subjective term. Arch and Chef have won more games than any other Villanova player - so by that mark they are the greatest to ever wear the uniform. Do you look at stats? They are solid, but hey aren't HOF material in my opinion though.

The one thing he and Chef can do - win a National Championship. Not many have done that and as the leader of the team, it'd be a big boost to Arch's resume and I doubt you'd hear much argument about his status as one of the greatest ever.

And now, the "news."

Jay Wright: Ryan Arcidiacono ranks with Villanova's all-time greats | USA Today
The senior guard, in his final game(s), is stll consumed by winning and team success.

Villanova's Wright learns to embrace zone defense |
For much of Jay Wright's first 14 seasons as head coach at Villanova, a zone defense by his team was seen about as often on the basketball court as a unicorn.

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Before Villanova beat Kansas, it was fair to wonder if the Wildcats could dial up their game to the level needed to beat the nation's elite. Sure, they had looked impressive in plowing past UNC-Asheville, Iowa, and Miami, but Kansas represented another kind of beast that would require an increase in intensity and focus.

Father Rob Hagan is Wildcats' 'rock' |
There was hardly any epiphany, no specific wow kind of moment, not even a minor vision. It was almost like an evolution. Rob Hagan, a self-described Drexel Hill kid, simply reached the point in his life at which he realized it was time to make the transformation from successful criminal defense attorney to Augustinian priest.

A mother's sacrifice benefits Villanova |
The only times Felicia Jenkins could rush to her phone Saturday night came during breaks. She had to work at an Amazon distribution center in Columbia, S.C. Her sister, who had driven from Baltimore to Louisville to see Felicia's son, Kris, play for Villanova in the NCAA tournament, kept texting Felicia play-by-play. There was no TV, and Felicia wasn't allowed to have her phone with her except during those breaks that weren't getting there fast enough.

Chris Lykes' talks potential visits and winning WCAC P.O.Y. | Made Hoops
Lykes is eyeing a visit to Villanova in the near future and talks about what impresses him the most about the Wildcats' program.

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Previewing the Final Four matchup between the Sooners and the Wildcats on Saturday night.

Titus makes bold Final Four predictions | ESPN Video
Mark Titus tells Scott Van Pelt that he sees an Oklahoma versus North Carolina title game and is rooting for Buddy Hield to carry the Sooners all the way.

Nova looks to erase Big East conference stigma | ESPN Video
ESPN college basketball reporter Andy Katz analyses the struggles the Big East has had in recent years and how Villanova could rejuvenate people's perception of the league.

Villanova's Mikal Bridges could be the key to slowing down Buddy Hield | Big East Coast Bias
The redshirt freshman stepped up in the Elite Eight and will need a similar performance against Oklahoma.

Villanova's Vindication | ESPN
Andy Katz & Seth Greenberg talk about how Villanova ignored doubters and executed to perfection on their way to Houston. Plus, they weigh in on what it means for the Big East.

Andy Stephens and the Parkland boys basketball team have built a relationship with Villanova | The Morning Call
The Parkland boys basketball team and Villanova's men's program have built a bond through team camps

Rumors of players walking out of the Final Four persist without any real evidence |
The NCAA has worked toward improving the benefits it provides student-athletes, and walking out would deny many players their crowning athletic achievements