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Are you a true Villanova fan? On the bandwagon? Test your knowledge now!

Time to call out the fake fans

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone knows that after winning a National Championship, teams gain more fans and followers. Unfortunately, some of these new fans will claim they have "always followed the team" and "have been supporting for a long time." If only there was a way to know if that was true...........

Well now there is! The following test consists of 20 multiple choice questions of various difficulty. Your score will reflect if you have been an actual fan for at least a few seasons, or just here for the short-term championship high.

After completing the test, you will receive a score out of 20. Your results fit into the following categories:

17-20: True fan! You must be so proud!

14-17: Might you just had an off-day, but you are still pretty knowledgeable!

10-14: Hmmmmmmmm. Not sure what's up. You're looking pretty fake right now.....

Under 10: Welcome to the `Nova Nation! Your New Fan Application is being processed in the order it was received.

NOTE: I specifically picked questions whose answers are not on SparkNotes.