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Where will Jay Wright take Villanova Basketball following the National Championship?

Things have already changed

Happy Monday, 'Nova Nation! A really nice article from Bob Ford headlines our links today, and he rightfully asks the question of how Jay Wright is going to manage success this time around. After all, he did a not-so-great job of that following the 2009 Final Four run.

With the business-like Ryan Arcidiacono and Daniel Ochefu out the door, and the fun-loving Josh Hart, Kris Jenkins and Darryl Reynolds now leading the way, the style of leadership is definitely going to change. And Wright needs to hit reset and refocus his team heading in to next season.

Personally, I'm not all that worried - and we don't even know if Hart and Jenkins will be back yet - but the culture Wright has instilled in the program should prevail and make next year's team earn it all over again.

And now, the "news."

Now Jay Wright has to 'figure this out' | Philly.vom
Controlling the game of basketball is not light work, and even the best college coaches admit it is a crazy-making ambition, the equivalent of coaching a coin flip. On a good night, a team will make and miss half its shots. On a good night, so will the other team. Wright's philosophy is to attempt to separate the process from the outcome.

Jay Wright Plans To Remain At Villanova Amid NBA Interest | RealGM
"I can say right now that in my mind I plan to stay at Villanova," he said. "But I also don't want to be a liar. I want to stay. I know I want to stay, but I just say I hope I can stay because I've learned from the past how crazy things can be. I hope I can stay at Villanova because this is where I want to be."

Why Villanova’s National Title is Bad for the Big 5 | DelcoDelphia
Villanova is the National Champion once again. During a time where the pro sports teams in the city are abysmal, most Philadelphians adopted the Wildcats as their own. This even includes alums from other Big 5 schools. My question to these people is simply; why?

Villanova's Title Win Was Beautiful, Quiet, And Weird As Hell | Deadspin
A lot of complaining here about the noise level, but this is what happens when you sit in the 600s for a split-crowd game with a lot of neutrals.

Villanova title gives boost to Big East |
The video became an Internet sensation within minutes after Kris Jenkins' game-winning three-pointer went through the net. Villanova coach Jay Wright mouthed the word "bang" as the shot was on its way, and then unflappably went on his way to shake hands at midcourt.

Villanova parades its passion and pride | DelCo TImes
Those who came before had a prominent place in Villanova’s championship parade as the caravan of cars and buses made its way down Market Street Friday.

Mark Jackson a Mule among Wildcats |
Villanova’s new athletics director, on the job since just last September, was not so collected last Monday. Mark Jackson had enough nervous energy to power all of Philadelphia. He had experienced nothing like this as a student-athlete at Colby College.

Winning 'Nova Coaches Unite Against Cancer | NBC 10 Philadelphia
Villanova men's basketball coaches Jay Wright and Rollie Massimino came together for a good cause at the Coaches vs. Cancer benefit over the weekend. Both Wright and Massimino led the team to win championships.

Ben Ijalana re-signed for NY Jets as LT Ferguson retires | Yahoo Sports
The New York Jets plan to re-sign tackle Villanova alumnus Ben Ijalana to replace retiring D'Brickashaw Ferguson, according to reports.

Villanova Basketball Star Honored Posthumously For Service In WWII | CBS Philly
The Jewish War Veterans honored a Villanova basketball star on Sunday who made the ultimate sacrifice for his country during World War II.

USC Graduate Transfer Katin Reinhardt Commits To Marquette | Anonymous Eagle
The graduate transfer from USC will occupy the 13th and final scholarship for the 2016-17 season..... or will he?

The High School Football Coach Who Never Punts | FiveThirtyEight
Pulaski Academy football coach Kevin Kelley never punts. He always kicks on-side. His teams play … weirdly. Now the Arkansas squad is going back to Dallas to face its rival, Highland Park, a team that has won 84 games in a row at home and outplayed Pulaski Academy last year.