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Final Four links to hold you over until 6:09p ET

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Ok, everybody breathe with us... slowly inhale... check watch... and exhale... check watch again... We're here to help you get to 6:09p ET with a special Final Four Saturday Edition of the Sun's Arizin.

Final Four Preview: No. 2 Oklahoma vs. No. 2 Villanova | NBC Sports
Previewing the semifinals.

How is Villanova going to try and stop Buddy Hield? Not easily. | NBC Sports
There is no stopping Buddy Hield. Coaches that scouted for him told me how to contain him.

Oklahoma Sooners says Villanova Wildcats not the only team that's grow | ESPN
Villanova has clearly matured since suffering a blowout loss to Oklahoma. But the Sooners say they've improved, too, including with their chemistry.

81-Year-Old Villanova Alum is Ready to Cheer on Wildcats | NBC 10 Philadelphia
Jerry Klingman, 81, graduated Villanova University in 1955, and has been a die-hard Wildcat basketball fan ever since. NBC10's own die-hard Villanova alum, Keith Jones, caught up with Kingman in Houston as...

Villanova carrying flag for Philly as it chases a national title | Yahoo Sports
It's Philadelphia vs. The World at the Final Four as 'Nova is the last remaining hope of a proud hoops city.

How Villanova plans to try to contain Buddy Hield | Yahoo Sports
The Wildcats will defend Hield by committee, but they're hopeful Mikal Bridges' emergence will provide a boost.

Villanova Has Re-Invented Big East Back in Final Four - The New York Times
The Big East is back in the Final Four, reinvented and re-establishing itself as one of the best basketball conferences in the country.

Villanova knows Oklahoma is more than just Hield |
HOUSTON - You may have heard of Oklahoma all-American Buddy Hield, the nation's No. 2 scorer and arguably its best three-point shooter who won the Oscar Robertson Award on Friday as college basketball's player of the year.

How Villanova's coach went from nearly fired to a second Final Four |
Villanova's Jay Wright was on the hot seat entering his fourth season at the school. But he made the Sweet 16 that season. And it's been mostly good things ever since.

How Houston’s NRG Stadium could decide the national champion |
Will NRG Stadium have an adverse impact on Final Four play?

Observations: This Oklahoma senior is poised to break out against Villanova |
Oklahoma guard Isaiah Cousins will be in position to snap his shooting slump against Villanova's full-court pressure.

Daniel Ochefu is more than the odd man out for Villanova | ESPN
With Villanova's successful four-guard offense, the Wildcats' big men have been viewed as space fillers. The idea couldn't be further from the truth.

Why Jay Wright won’t enjoy one second of this Final Four | New York Post
Jay Wright knew immediately. It’s true. Ten minutes into the first game he ever coached in the Final Four, and he realized his Villanova Wildcats had no shot at winning the game. He looked in his players’ eyes. And he looked in the eyes of the North Carolina Tar Heels. What he saw made him queasy.

Villanova's not a Philly school? Shut up. | Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia
Some people think that Villanova is not a Philly school. Those people are idiots.

There's an Indiana teenager who's missed only two NCAA tournament picks |
Rebecca Gentry, a senior at Jasper High School in southern Indiana, missed only two picks in her entire March Madness bracket before the Final Four.

Jalen Brunson's quick success at Villanova comes through 'fitting in' | Chicago Tribune
Freshman point guard Jalen Brunson has earned respect among his Villanova teammates not as a headliner but as part of their ensemble.

Villanova's Ryan Arcidiacono says he 'gets a lot of hate for being the white guy' | Sporting News

Hard to quantify Ryan Arcidiacono's Villanova greatness | Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia
Ryan Arcidiacono doesn't fill up the score sheet -- his greatness is hard to quantify. But he is great. One of the greatest to come through Villanova.

Houston's 21 Best Bars & Restaurants For Watching The Final Four | Eater Houston
Heading to the Final Four? Here are some eating and drinking suggestions.

V For Villanova: 22 Things To Know About Villanova Basketball | Forbes
Just as the Villanova Wildcats need to prepare for Final Four opponent Oklahoma, you need to do your homework.  Whether you are a Final Four fan who needs to bone up on your knowledge of this Villanova team, its coach and the program’s history or a long time Villanova fan...

The NCAA Final Four Ranked by Academic Performance | TIME
If the classroom counted on the scoreboard, these teams would be on top

Villanova Wildcats Jay Wright's hard road back to the Final Four | ESPN
Jay Wright's first Final Four with the Wildcats, in 2009, was followed by a shockingly rapid decline for a program on the rise. He had to relearn old lessons before embarking on a return trip.

And, we'll end with a fan-created hip-hop song...

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