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Villanova's planned arena renovations a sign of exciting times

The best is yet to come.

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TGIF, 'Nova Nation! I haven't had a chance to get my thoughts out on Bill Finneran's gift, and I probably won't write something that expansive (yet), but I'll just say I'm excited that the war chest has a nice start. Long way to go, and the school is predictably playing it coy with the plans. But it's exciting!

Another live period this weekend, so expect more recruiting activity in addition to the two new offers that went out yesterday. I might write something about that too. I think Jay is playing this right. More later.

Oh, and RIP Prince. Damn. My last two Vegas trips have ended in David Bowie and Prince dying. Not cool.

And now, the "news."

Finneran wants Nova donation to honor Wright's 'attitude' |
Since Jay Wright's official position at Villanova is William B. Finneran Endowed Athletic Fund Head Coach, understand that Finneran's $22.6 million gift to Villanova this week was not Finneran's first substantial donation to Villanova's athletic department.

Omari Spellman Ready To Tackle Any Role at Villanova | U Sports
Villanova is riding a tidal wave of momentum after winning the NCAA Championship, and the good times should continue to roll next season when 5-star center Omari Spellman arrives on the scene next fall.

Villanova eager to send coach Andy Talley out a winner in final season |
The football team finished 6-5 last season, after winning 11 times the year before. The Wildcats started as the fourth-ranked team in FCS.

Villanova among 8 schools going hardest for 5-star Brian Bowen | MADE Hoops
A new name to keep an eye on, but probably a long shot.

The inventive way colleges are scheduling better games | USA Today
Some schools that are shorter on resources are getting long on scheduling creativity.

Report: High School Basketball Star Actually A 30-Year-Old Man | Deadspin
The Catholic Central High School boys basketball team, located in Windsor, Ontario, has a pretty good player in Jonathon Nicola. The 6-foot-9 center is so good that his coach put together the workout video above, because, as he told the Windsor Star last year, Nicola had a shot at going pro. That dream is probably dead, though, because Nicola is apparently a grown-ass man.

Prince had the coolest, best Super Bowl halftime show ever |
When Prince played the Super Bowl, it showed us that music and individuality can trump a thunderous rainstorm, the world's largest and most powerful sports league, or whatever else you want it to.