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Jay Wright to the Lakers? Don't bet on it.

The Lakers fired their coach, so naturally Jay Wright is a candidate.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers fired head coach Byron Scott last night, and so you know what that means? A wild Jay Wright-to-the-NBA rumor must appear!

Again, I don't doubt whatsoever that the candidates list that the Lakers put together may include Jay Wright. He's the hottest name in college basketball and fresh off a national championship. It makes sense. But let's check some other sources.

NBA whisperer Adrian Wojnarowski's potential Lakers coaches list does not include Jay Wright. Neither does the LA Daily News' list of potential Lakers replacements. Curious to see those list pretty much identical on the other candidates as well.

And don't forget the trump card - Jay Wright has already committed his future to Villanova. So really, nothing to see here. Expect this to be a recurring theme every time an NBA owner decides to jettison a coach.