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WATCH: Darryl Reynolds' short film featuring Phil Booth & Mikal Bridges

Intrigue. Heartbreak. This has it all.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

I happened upon Darryl Reynolds' short film today and was intrigued. The junior forward has talked in the past about getting involved in story-telling after his basketball career is over. And this is wonderfully done. He may have a career there.

The story, aptly titled Phillis Pain, follows one of our favorite players Phil Booth as he courts a female on campus. Rebuffed multiple times, Phil does not give up. Pretty much the story of his season, come to think of it.

There's also a major twist at the end, leaving Phil to ponder oh so many things. Why him? Is this a true story in some way? I need to know more!

Awesome stuff all around from three very likable guys who clearly have an outgoing personality and a talent on the screen, whether acting or directing. Here's hoping for more of this in the future. I need to know how Phil exacts his revenge, after all.

Have a look!