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Final Four 2016: Villanova Wildcats student section proved most-energetic by SCIENCE!

Degree deodorant spent money on SCIENCE to prove it.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

You would probably expect that the fans of the team on the winning end of a game were louder than their opponents. No surprise then that Villanova fans were measured to be twice as loud as their Oklahoma counterparts during the Final Four national semifinals yesterday.

Degree deodorant commissioned some science(!) to measure fan movement during a game.

Degree and the NCAA partnered with a company called Lightwave to perform in-depth bioanalytics on the student sections of each Final Four contender. Lightwave's technology measures physical movement and emotional indicators, capturing detailed fan movement data during last night's games.

The below graphics (courtesy of Degree), show how Nova and OU fans reacted and moved during key points in their game.

The fan movement study will continue tomorrow during the national championship finals. The deodorant empire has Deployed connected sensor devices throughout NRG Stadium, and equipped select fans with sophisticated wearable devices. Data is captured in real-time as attendees react to the most exciting moments of the games.

It seems like Degree has been paying Lightwave a lot of cash lately for these type of studies. They are also working with Stephen Curry, for example.