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Villanova won the national championship on a Kris Jenkins buzzer beater

The shot we'll be taking about for a lifetime.

Villanova-North Carolina came down to one shining moment. Good news: Kris Jenkins was the Wildcat with the hand in the ball for the biggest moment of his life.

The VU forward took advantage of the opportunity and nailed the game-winning buzzer beater -- the ball left his hand with around .5 seconds to play -- to lift Villanova to the national championship. North Caorlina's Marcus Paige had had an even more improbable double-clutch game-tying three just moments earlier.

We all remember the NC State national title with Lorenzo Charles, but this one will go in the record books as one of the most dramatic finishes for all time. Welcome to immortality, Kris Jenkins. Wildcat fans will never forget Houston.