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The Villanova TeamStream call of the Kris Jenkins buzzer beater is PERFECTION


Words probably can't adequately express the jubilation that came after Kris Jenkins nailed a buzzer beater to knock off North Carolina and win the championship for Villanova. So, when words fail, why not resort to unintelligible screaming? And the best way to relive that is by checking out the Villanova TeamStream announcers, Scott Graham and Brian Finneran:

Sure, it may have confused a few viewers, but setting up a specific channel for a Villanova-centric broadcast now looks like a stroke of genius. You can listen to the call begin as close to stoic as you could get, during the circumstances, and then devolve into the madness. Because hey, you're probably screaming too.

NATIONAL. CHAMPIONS. Let that confetti fly, and celebrate Vilanova's first national championship in 31 years, since the unforgettable underdog 1985 team. We have a hunch this won't be the last time we all watch this clip.