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Villanova's National Championship could be just the beginning of the program's dominance


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Huuuuuuuump Daaaaay!!!! I'll keep it short and sweet for you since I have a lot of writing to do about what went down in Houston. And apologies if some of these links are from yesterday. My regular laptop is on the fritz (self-inflicted, did I mention Houston was a blast?) and I'm using the wife's Mac and I have no idea how to work it.

Today I'll be writing about what I learned in Houston, and what I think the future holds for Villanova. And on the latter, there's a nice article from NBC about how this could be the start of something great. More on that in a bit.

And now, the "news."

Villanova’s legacy will be determined where the program grows from here | NBC Sports
How will Villanova be remembered?

Why projection systems liked Villanova more than the public | ESPN
Projection systems were high on Villanova but the public was not. The Wildcats debunked three myths that projection systems ignored.

Where does Villanova-North Carolina rank among the greatest title games? | The Dagger - Yahoo Sports
From Yahoo Sports: Other games had greater star power or historical significance, yet Monday’s dramatic finish is unmatched.

Darrun Hilliard on Villanova | Detroit Pistons
Rookie Darrun Hilliard talks about his alma mater Villanova winning the college basketball national championship Monday night.

Kris Jenkins' shot and Villanova's win for the ages | ESPN
Two heavyweight teams and an epic shot from Villanova's Kris Jenkins made the Heels-Wildcats game a title game for the ages.

For Villanova, a Perfect Play Unfolds in a Wildcat Minute | The New York Times
Months of preparation gave Kris Jenkins a clean look at the basket in the final moment of Villanova’s championship victory over North Carolina.

Villlanova hero Kris Jenkins’ high school coach has seen that shot before | USA Today High School Sports
Gonzaga (Washington, D.C.) coach Steve Turner's phone blew up Monday night, shortly after one of his former players, Kris Jenkins, hit the three-pointer that gave Villanova a 77-74 defeat of North Carolina for the national championship. "I've seen him make that shot many times," Turner said.

Ranking the top championship-game finishes ever - where does Kris Jenkins shot for Villanova Wildcats slot? | ESPN
Villanova forward Kris Jenkins' game-winning 3-pointer to down North Carolina had folks scrambling to think of a better finish to a championship game. Where does it rank among the best ever?

Is Jemele Hill hating on Villanova's game-winner? | ESPN Video
Jemele Hill discusses how North Carolina's "not-so-great" defense led to Kris Jenkins' game-winning shot for Villanova, which leads Michael Smith to blast her for not appreciating the greatness of the moment.

Villanova Students Give UCLA's Guerrero a Lesson in Cultivating Fans | Bruins Nation
Villanova and its coach give an entire generation of students reasons to support the program and their school.

Villanova family celebrates magical ride to NCAA title, perfect ending
The Wildcats celebrate their second title after a thrilling game and stunning finish.