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Villanova Basketball plans summer trip to Spain

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

The rumors of Villanova's summer trip have been floating around since the winter. On Thursday, ESPN's Andy Katz confirmed that Jay Wright will be taking the Wildcats to Spain in August.

Wright said the Wildcats will take a trip to Spain Aug. 2-10, practicing and playing games in Madrid and Barcelona.

According to NCAA rules, schools taking a summer trip are able to hold an extra 10 team practices. This extra time will help integrate the new players (and those with limited action) Omari Spellman, Dylan Painter, Tim Delaney, transfer Eric Paschall, and Donte DiVincenzo into the team under the pressure of playing legitimate competition as the 'Cats take to the hardcourt without Ryan Arcidiacono and Daniel Ochefu for the first time. Additionally, the squad is able to bond as a team as they experience the foreign travel.

Teams can go on a foreign soil excursion once every four years. Five years ago Wright took 'Nova to France, Belgium, and the Netherlands to play in EuroJam.

We will provide further details as they become available.