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Villanova coach Jay Wright sides with the players in NBA Draft debate

Shocker! Jay Wright is a good dude.

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TGIF, 'Nova Nation! In what is the least surprising news of all-time, your hero Jay Wright is siding with the players in the NBA Draft debate that has emerged as more and more coaches begin to complain that the new rule is hurting their ability to manage a roster. Jay just cares about his guys. What a concept.

Side note: I finally gave in and said yes to a dog, so wife and I are getting that today. I'll be much less active while I deal with this poop monster for the next few weeks. Pray for me!

And now, the "news."

Villanova head coach Jay Wright wants agents for underclassmen | ESPN
Villanova head coach Jay Wright believes underclassmen should be able to retain the services of an agent while deciding whether or not to remain in the NBA draft.

Ryan Arcidiacono glad he passed on last-second shot | Indy Star
Most kids grow up counting down “3 … 2 … 1” before firing up the last-second shot in their driveway to win the national championship or NBA Finals.

After Wildcats' success, Villanova full but not flooded with students for the fall | Philadelphia Inquirer
With the Wildcats' stellar season and buzzer-beating final shot for the national championship, Villanova University officials weren't sure whether they would see a flood of admitted students enroll by the May 1 deadline.

College players are benefiting from having time to think about the decision | ESPN ($)
College players have more time to decide if they are ready for the NBA or if it's better to come back to school. The new draft rule works. Jeff Goodman wonders why it took so long to install it.

Student Athletes, Part 3 - Aaron Seigle | Football Harrisburg Magazine
Key club, National Honor Society, robotics club, shot put and discus thrower, concert band, former wrestler, former marching-band member, former Frisbee-club member and aspiring engineer – this list of activities isn’t one you typically expect from a soon-to-be Division 1-AA football player. That’s what makes Aaron Seigle, senior football player from Susquehanna Township High School, so unique, so different and a teen who strives to embody the “student” aspect of the student-athlete role that he plays in more ways than one.

Big 12 inches closer to expansion; AAC, C-USA brace for impact | SunHerald
The Big 12 took one step closer this week to adding two schools and again becoming a 12-team conference, inspiring more anxiety for the American Athletic Conference and Conference USA.

C-USA, beIN SPORTS partnership born out of necessity | SunHerald
The partnership between beIN SPORTS and C-USA is totally out of the blue and worthy of a laugh. I pointed out the absurdity of the situation in the headline of my blog post earlier this week, “It was only a matter of time before C-USA and Al Jazeera joined forces.”

First Watch Chooses Villanova for Second Philadelphia-Area Restaurant |
The award-winning cafe will accept Villanova University Nova Bucks Philadelphia, PA ( First Watch Restaurants, the popular breakfast,