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Memorial Day Links

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

"Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty."

~John F. Kennedy

As most of us relax and enjoy the extra day to our weekend, let's not forget the soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice to make this country the amazing place it is.

We hope these links help you pass the time today...

Fay: UC’s been on a dizzying carousel of conferences. When (and where) will the music stop? | WCPO
UC would have stayed in the Big East forever. But that version of the Big East no longer exists. Departures by Pitt, Syracuse and Louisville prompted the seven Catholic schools to form a new league without football.

The dream (or fantasy) of black lacrosse — The Undefeated
Hope rarely arrives neatly packaged. On the morning of Feb. 13, it appeared as the Hampton Pirates lacrosse team, a motley crew of misfits, cast-offs and neophy…

Looking Forward: The Way-Too-Early 2016-17 Preseason All-American Team | NBC Sports
Who did we miss? Who shouldn't be on these teams?

Geico Hometown Hero Kris Jenkins | WTTG
Kris Jenkins made the incredible shot that won the national championship for Villanova at this year’s NCAA championship game in Houston. He said he’s watched the replays of the game “a lot” and says he knew that the shot was going in when he took it. Video with FOX5 in DC.

Huggins nonchalant about Big 12 expansion talk |
When West Virginia relocated from the Big East to the Big 12 Conference, Mountaineers head basketball coach Bob Huggins was compelled to adjust his recruiting territories accordingly.