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Let's go crazy with conference realignment proposals

It's a burnt out topic, so why not just go crazy with a solution.

Happy Monday, 'Nova Nation! Apologies for the late post, I did that thing where I don't click 'Schedule' and instead just pass out from exhaustion.

Speaking of exhaustion, conference realignment is again a hot topic and in a conversation with a stranger on my flight yesterday I came to the conclusion that I just don't care. That makes the below story a more fun read, where the future is imagined a screw-tradition start-over masterpiece (or travesty depending on your POV, I suppose).

Villanova's place in all this? I don't know. Probably on the sidelines again until they figure out football.

And now, the "news."

Could the future hold one conference structure for football, another for other sports? |
“Now go back and have conference realignment, the way it was, before football money changed everything. Base the conferences on region, where your alums are, like missions, etc., for every sport.”

5 lessons from the 2016 NCAA Tournament, starting with going Villanova |
A new meaning for "going nova." Their tournament run was pretty remarkable.

Big East Waiting On Its Stars To Return | Today's U
The Big East is now waiting with bated breath to see if its stars can come back and continue the momentum the conference enjoyed after it saw flagship member Villanova win it all.

Mike Tranghese tries to get SEC basketball ahead of schedule | Knoxville News-Sentinel
Dave Gavitt, the league's founding father and former commissioner, was riding back on the Providence team bus when he started looking ahead. "How are you going to handle your team if you don't make the tournament?" Gavitt asked Barnes.

Moderski, Froccaro to BIG EAST All-Tournament Team |
Moderski had a career high in both ground balls and caused turnovers in the final game of his career against Marquette in the BIG EAST Semi-Finals. He finished with 11 ground balls and six caused turnovers.

Flacco Back On The Field ... Joe's Brother, Mike Flacco |
Flacco is an undergraduate student at Villanova pursuing his degree in chemical engineering. But on Saturday, he was tight end, No. 40. He was one of only two tight ends at Ravens rookie minicamp, so he got a lot of work.