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Alvin Williams on Villanova's 1995 uniforms: "Horrible"

Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Sunday Funday continues with the biggest non-story out there and one that should surprise no one, one of Villanova's all-time great guards, Alvin Williams, commented via twitter on the uniforms of the 1994-95 season...

For a quick background, Villanova spent around $20,000 to devise and market a new logo in the Fall of 1994. The design, spearheaded a new national merchandising campaign and added burgundy and copper to the school's color palate.

On top of that, Villanova entered into a one-year contract with Apex. The fledgling sports apparel company picked one school from each conference and provided them gear for free for a season. And every Villanova fan would agree that those uniforms were horrible eyesore.

Following that triple overtime loss to Old Dominion in the NCAA Tournament, then head coach Steve Lappas signed with Nike the following season, and the school hasn't switched since.

Williams went on to play ten seasons in the NBA, eight of which were in Toronto. He is now an NBA Analyst for Sportsnet Canada