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Can Josh Hart elevate his NBA Draft stock like Buddy Hield did?

Let's get nuts!

Huuuuuuuuump Daaaaaaaaaaaay! With the NBA Draft rapidly approaching on Thursday night, there's been a regeneration of the conversation about who the next Buddy Hield or Denzel Valentine is. More specifically, a senior that could breakout and elevate himself into the lottery conversation next year.

And to my surprise, Josh Hart is getting a lot of love. NBC props him up, as did the CBS crew on their most recent podcast. I ain't complaining about the free pub, but that seems like a stretch to me.

And now, the "news."

2016 NBA Draft: Who are next year’s candidates to be breakout lottery picks? | CollegeBasketballTalk
The 2015-16 season turned into the year of the senior for a couple reasons, the biggest being that guys like Buddy Hield and Denzel Valentine, both seniors, exploded in their last year on campus. They split all of the National Player of the Year awards, and deservedly so.

'Nova's Arcidiacono just wants a chance | The Morning Call
Villanova's Ryan Arcidiacono just wants a chance in the NBA

New CSG Video: Ryan Arcidiacono interview | Denver Stiffs
Ryan Arcidiacono spoke with Jeff Morton about the "family" bond with winning the NCAA Championship at Villanova, and the leadership he would bring to the NBA.

11-year old LeBron James Jr. already has offers from Kentucky and Duke | ZagsBlog
LMAO. If you want LeBron James to write a check to your program there are less slimebaggy ways.

Best part of Kris Dunn's suit may be the inside of the jacket | Big East Coast Bias
Kris Dunn is in the midst of the ESPN car wash today doing a bunch of different shows and during his stop on "His & Hers" he showed off the inside of his suit jacket and it's pretty epic.

Why the Hell did James Madison University not join FBS? | Underdog Dynasty
JMU did a study on moving to FBS back in 2013, which while not giving a recommendation one way or the other, said the Dukes are ""well-positioned for a potential transition to FBS."

The American Athletic is Working from a Position of Strength...For a While - Underdog Dynasty
When the Catholic Seven split from the Big East effective summer 2013 and took the name and history of the conference, they left the future American Athletic members the entire $100 million plus war chest the conference earned in tournament units. Plus with exit fees from West Virginia, Syracuse, Pitt, Rutgers, Louisville and Notre Dame numbering untold millions more (WVU paid over $10 million while Syracuse and Pitt paid around $7.5 million for example), the American had solid footing to build upon.

ESPN reviews best/worst cases for Pitt football in 2016 | Cardiac Hill
Villanova, Marshall, Syracuse, Virginia, and Duke all look very winnable and stealing another win or two wouldn't be all that hard, either.

Cardiac Spill: Pennsylvania Votes! | Cardiac Hill
Public Policy Polling ran a major survey of Pennsylvanians on subjects like the government, James Franklin, and the whole Sheetz/Wawa thing. Our resident statistician PRAISE BASKETBALL SHOUTMAN reacts.