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The Big East is part of a coalition to fix college basketball refereeing

Anything to help the cause!

Huuuuuuuuump Daaaaaaay! I feel like I've gotten better in recent years about complaining about referees. In my youth I would test out new swear words and throw things. In my college years I was typically overserved and continued to finetune my vocabulary. And now, I feel like I kind of just get depressed.

And that's because I know the reality. It's hard. They're imperfect. They're going to make mistakes. They travel too much. Maybe they're on the take. Kidding on that last one, maybe.

So it's nice to see the Big East team up with a few other leagues to try and start to fix some of the travel/tiredness issues. It's enough to hear that Tim Higgins is in the Pavilion. It's way too much to hear that Tim Higgins is in his 6th city in 6 days. I'm glad they're at least trying.

And now, the "news."

Big East, ACC, Atlantic 10 and CAA form basketball officiating alliance | Providence Journal
A call for more well-rested, experienced game officials is about to be granted in four major East Coast college basketball conferences. It enables the four conferences to work together on all officiating matters, most importantly scheduling.

U-S-A, U-S-A! American basketball thriving despite doom, gloom from 2016 NBA Draft | NBA | Sporting News
It was a terrible year for American basketball prospects. The United States produced only two of the top three players chosen in the 2016 NBA Draft, and trained only three of the top three.

Big East Programs Are Counting On Their Transfers | Today's U
With the trend of transfers rampant in college basketball, the Big East is one conference that has a lot of riding on the impact of some incoming transfers.

Curran named to USILA Division I Scholar All-Americans |
The Official Athletic Site of the Villanova Wildcats - In 1989 the USILA Scholar All-America Program was established to recognize student-athletes from USILA member institutions who have distinguished themselves academically, athletically and as citizens of their communities. The USILA Selection Committee selects an overall team representing Division I, II and III.

Villanova Selected For Inmate Education Pilot Program | Patch
Radnor, PA - Under the federal program, inmates will attend Villanova University as part of the Second Chance Pell pilot program.

Villanova's Perretta knew Summitt like few others |
Harry Perretta warned that he would probably start crying. He did almost instantly. He would croak out a thought and then get it together and then lose it a bit more. He never paused, never stopped talking about his friend.

Pat Summitt: A Privilege. | Rocky Top Talk
We all think our teams, our stories, our moments are the best. Today we get to be right. I was a hair too young to remember Pat’s first national championship in 1987. But I remember being a kid and...

Rahim Thompson gives Philly youth an outdoor league of their own |
In the spring of 2002, Rahim Thompson got away from the big city, and took a cruise. - Adam Hermann, Philadelphia Daily News