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Who's Your Favorite Villanova Basketball Player: The Tournament

With basketball activities and recruiting winding down, let's start the summer off with some lively debate!

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

It's June, and for college basketball that usually means it's the start of the transition period between seasons.  Most teams are 2 months removed from the end of their season, recruiting buzz has started to die down, and the NBA Draft pool is about to be finalized.  It's too early to start talking about next season too seriously, but it's also time to move past last season.

For Villanova fans, we could keep talking about last season until Christmas... and we probably will!  But before we had another Championship to fondly remember and relive, the summer meant the start of the great debate season.  You know, when you throw out hypotheticals, "what if's", and any other number of questions to your fellow fans to keep talkinging Villanova Basketball in the off season.

In an effort to help supply a platform for that debate, I've decided to put a question out there that my friends and I have debated every off-season that I can remember: Who's your favorite Villanova Basketball player?  There's no set criteria, there's no rules, and as is often the case there's no wrong answer.  Do you prefer the guy who filled the stat sheet or lead the team in "effort" plays?  Do you favor the Senior leader or the Star One-And-Done?  This summer, we'll figure out who Nova Nations favorite player is... at least for now.

After much research and debate, we've put together the official bracket for the tournament.  Be gentle when you rip apart the seeding, it's harder than you'd think!  Each Region is broken down by the coaches that these players spent the most time playing under.  Each day of the tournament we'll have up to 4 matchups and you'll have until mid-night to vote for your favorite players to advance.

Just like any NCAA tourney, we start with the play-in games.  Unlike the NCAA, you have a say in who should be in!  Each day the rest of this week we'll reveal a new region and let Nova Nation vote-in one additional player.  We'll kick things off with the Wright Region!

Wright Region Play In Pool:

Dwayne Anderson: Now a coach at Penn State, he was a member of the 2006 Elite Eight team and the 2009 Final Four team.  He's 36th in all time steals.

Corey Fisher: A member of the 2009 Final Four team, he's Top 15 all time in scoring, assists, and steals.

Jason Fraser: A member of the 2006 Elite Eight team, he's 6th in blocks and 29th in rebounding all time.

Antionio Pena: A member of the 2009 Final Four team and a 1,000+ point scorer. He's 16th in rebounds and 18th in blocks all time.

Reggie Redding: A member of the 2009 Final Four team, he's 21st in steals and 27th in assists all time.

Corey Stokes: A member of the 2009 Final Four team, he's 40th in all time scoring.

Maurice Sutton: A member of the 2009 Final Four team, he's 12th all time in blocks.

Maalik Wayns: In just 3 seasons, he's a 1,000+ point scorer and 19th in all time assists.

Tomorrow we'll reveal the Wright Region Play-In Matchup, as well as the bottom half of this side of the bracket, the Severance/Kraft Region!