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Who's Your Favorite Villanova Basketball Player: Severance/Kraft Region

For Day 2 of the tournament, we reach back to the Oldies but Goodies!

This summer we're having an NCAA style tournament to determine Nova Nation's favorite Villanova Basketball player.  Be sure to check back each day as voting continues!

Let's start by congratulating Dwayne Anderson for winning the Wright Region Play-In Pool with 29% of the vote.  He'll take on current member of the Villanova coaching staff and former member of the 4 guard sensation that swept the nation, Mike Nardi.  Look for that matchup and the rest of the Play-In Round Matchups on Monday.

For Day 2 of the tournament, we get to the bottom half of the bracket and the Severance/Kraft Region.  This was a very difficult region to seed for two reasons.  First, this was probably the closest of any of the 1 and 2 seeds between Arizin and Porter.  Second, we're all youngins who've never seen any of these guys play in person.  Because most of our knowledge on how beloved these guys were is all second or third hand, we may be off in a few places.  That being said, the great thing about a tournament is that regardless of how you're seeded, you always have a chance to win.  With that, let's reveal the bracket!

Severance/Kraft Region Play-In Pool:

Ed Hastings: A member of the 1971 Runner-Up team and 36th all time in assists.

Jim Mooney: After sitting out his freshman season, he still racked up 1,010 rebounds, 6th all time.

Jim O'Brien: A member of the 1962 Elite 8 team, and over 500 career rebounds.

Jimmy Smith: A member of the 1955 Sweet 16 team, and scored over 1,000 career points.

Joe Crews: Over 500 career rebounds.

John Driscoll: In just 2 seasons he recorded over 500 career rebounds.

Larry Moody: A member of the 1971 Runner-Up team and recorded over 500 career rebounds.

Thomas Brennan: A member of the 1955 Sweet 16 team, and 37th all time in rebounds.

Be sure to vote below for the player you want to advance to the Play-In round against 16th Seed Jim Huggard. Check back tomorrow as we reveal the Lappas Region!