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Team SuperNOVA qualifies for TBT

Thanks for spreading the word!

Thanks to all your help, team SuperNOVA has received enough votes to qualify for The Basketball Tournament! They will be competing in the Northeast Regionals on July 16th and 17th.

It will feel like a home game for these former Wildcats; the opening games for the region are being played at Philadelphia University. The Super 16 round that follows will also be played in Philadelphia.

While only in its third year, The Basketball Tournament (coincidently nicknamed TBT with all former players coming together) has quickly grown in popularity. The prize money alone has spiked from $500,000 a few years ago to a whopping $2 million, and this year the championship game will air on ESPN. If you plan on attending this event, you are encouraged to buy tickets as soon as you can. Tickets can be purchased here.

(Side note: I attended TBT in its inaugural year and can promise you that this is a lot of fun. The games are played one after the other so there is little down time the whole weekend. Plus, there are a few other alumni teams besides Villanova's so you are bound to recognize a name or two across the board.)

A complete list of the qualifying teams from each region can be found here. Hope to see you there!