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Who's Your Favorite Villanova Basketball Player: Lappas Region

Day 3 of the tournament features your favorite players from the 90's.

This month we're having an NCAA style tournament to determine Nova Nation's favorite Villanova Basketball player of all time.  Be sure to check back each day as voting continues!

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Day 2 is in the books, and with 39% of the vote, Ed Hastings will advance to the Play-In Round on Monday.  He'll be facing a member of the Big 5 Hall of Fame and Villanova's 49th overall leading scorer, Jim Huggard.  So far we have 2 Guard v. Guard match-ups scheduled for the Play-In Round, but what else would you expect from "Guard U".

Today we reveal the Lappas region and easily the most obvious 1 Seed of all the brackets.  Kerry Kittles, Villanova's all-time leading scorer, sits atop the hill in this 90's themed bracket.  While Coach Lappas did have the shortest tenure of any of the coaches represented in this tournament, his bracket still contains some big names and fan favorites.  To the bracket!

But today isn't about Kerry Kittles, it's about the guy who's going to have a chance to knock him off.  The winner of today's Lappas Region Play-In Pool vote will go up against Rafal Bigus on Monday for a chance to take down the king.  Thanks to your comments on Day 1, we were able to make some last minute additions to the Play-In Pool, so hopefully everyone's favorites are accounted for.  Let's meet the players!

Lappas Region Play-In Pool:

Andrew Sullivan: A member of the '99 NCAA tournament team, he's 21st in blocks all-time.

BJ Johnson: A walk-on who later became a scholarship player contributing off the bench, BJ was a fan favorite in the early 2000's.

Brian Lynch: A member of the '97 and '99 NCAA tournament teams, he's 29th in assists and 24th in steals all-time.

Chas Carey: A walk-on who didn't see much court time.  But when he did, he made it count.

Jermaine Medley: A member of the '97 and '99 NCAA tournament teams, he's 20th in assists all-time.

Ron Wilson: A member of the '94 NIT Championship team, he's 19th in blocks all-time.

Be sure to vote below for the player you want to advance to the Play-In round against the 16th Seed, Rafal Bigus. Check back tomorrow as we reveal the Massimino Region!