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Oh yeah, there was a Villanova Football helmet in UFC offices

We all know that UFC was sold over the weekend for somwhere around $4,000,000,000. It's a pretty big deal in the sports world, constituting one of the biggest transactions ever for a sports property. The Fertitta family, who made their fortune initially in the Las Vegas casino industry, bought UFC about 15 years ago for just $2 million. The family also has pretty strong football ties, especially at Nevada's Bishop Gorman High School, where the football stadium is named after their family patriarch.

Most loyal Villanova fans are aware that one of the UFC's part-owners, Lorenzo Fertitta has a son who plays football for Andy Talley's program.

So while Fertitta's choices for decorating the UFC offices may come as a surprise to some people, it shouldn't shock anyone to see that Villanova football is getting a pretty prominent place of honor in the MMA-headquarters. KLAS-TV (CBS) Sports Director Chris Maathuis shot out the above image via Twitter today as the UFC co-owner was getting ready to speak to some TV cameras about the deal.

There is also a younger brother, Nico, who plays for Notre Dame, but apparently the Fighting Irish haven't been as forthcoming with providing the proud papa with a helmet for display.

Either way, it looks like the Gridiron Wildcats are getting some extra media attention today as a result of this ground-shattering sports-business move for UFC. Even if KLAS is a local Las Vegas TV station, Andy Talley has to appreciate the support for his program from a prominent member of the Nova Football family in the lead-up to his final season on the sidelines.