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The Big 12 is expanding and is open to football-only members

That potentially means some basketball programs up for grabs. Hi UConn!

Huuuuuuuuump Daaaaaaaaaay! While there was some Villanova-specific news last night, I'm going to choose to avoid it for now (nevermind that link below) and talk about the big news about the Big 12 finally confirming they will explore expansion. The usual candidates are being propped around - BYU, Cincinnati, Memphis, UConn, UCF, etc. - but a little nugget from Commissioner Bob Bowlsby could make this realignment even more interesting.

Apparently the Big 12 is open to taking schools for football-only. So if they did take UConn (sup NYC market), that means their basketball program would be up for grabs. Would and/or should the Big East be interested in that scenario?

And now, the "news."

Big 12 expansion a near-certainty as it aims to avoid being left behind
While BYU and Cincinnati remain the favorites, the conference said it was open to football-only members. Did a UConn-to-the-Big East door just crack open?

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“I guess he had a different dream,” (JS Warriors head coach) Sagona said. “He weighed his options, he looked at whatever he had to look at, John Beilein did a great job -- great coach, great school. I guess he just figured it out. They’ve been there for a while now.”

Villanova's Eric Paschall scores 21 in Dyckman League | BlacktopTV
Villanova wing Eric Paschall was in uniform and scored a game-high 21 points for Dominican Power in their win on Friday night.

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