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NBA Summer League: Villanova Basketball Update

Ryan Arcidiacono got his first shot at impressing the Spurs in his summer league debut.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

While most of us spent our 4th of July relaxing and enjoying the holiday, former Villanova star Ryan Arcidiacono got his first taste of NBA action as the San Antonio Spurs kicked off their summer league schedule against the Utah Jazz.  Arch started at point guard and put up a solid stat line: 3 Pts on 1-2 shooting (1-1 from 3), 3 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals, 1 turnover, +/- of +17, and 4 fouls.

Arcidiacono played for more than half the game (four 10-minute quarters), and was clearly in a facilitator role as he led the team with four assists.  He could have had a couple more if not for some missed open shots by his teammates.  Maybe then the announcers could have had a little more practice pronouncing his name.  Some things never change.

On offense, Arch would set up the play and then often drift to the corner, so it looks like the Spurs want to use him as a kick-out shooter once the ball is out of his hands.  Arch was assertive with his passes and got his teammates some excellent open looks down low both in transition and during set plays.  The low light on offense was an air-ball from the top of the key, but he followed it up with an assist the next trip down the court.

On defense Arch was OK, but he let a few opponents get a step on him and was forced to foul.  In fact, he led the team in personal fouls with 4 on the night.  That being said, he aggressively boxed out and fronted the big men on switches.  And what game wouldn't be complete without Arch diving to the ground to scrap for a 50-50 ball, one of his two steals on the night.

All in all, it was a good showing for the former Villanova guard who has a partially guaranteed 2-year contract with San Antonio.  He'll be in action again tonight at 5PM EST against the Philadelphia 76ers.  The game can be watched on ESPN3 and Comcast Network.

The other two former Wildcats participating last night, well, didn't participate.  JayVaughn Pinkston and Mouphtaou Yarou both suited up but didn't play for the Boston Celtics in their game against the Philadelphia 76ers.  They'll have a chance to take the court again tonight at 7PM EST against the Utah Jazz.  The game can be watched on ESPN3 and NBATV.

As for Daniel Ochefu, he has signed a Summer League contract with the Washington Wizards.  While they haven't announced their official Summer League roster yet, it's safe to assume he'll be with the team when they play their first game in Vegas on July 9th.