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Villanova Basketball freshman Omari Spellman still working towards full NCAA eligibility

Not great, Bob!

Kelly Kline | Under Armour

Villanova's Summer Jam didn't come with all positive news, as the school released an update on freshman forward Omari Spellman and his ongoing issue with the NCAA. Here's the official release from the school.

Omari Spellman release 8-1-2016 Brendan Reilly

That's not exactly cause to hit the panic button just yet. Spellman's academics are fine, and he's cleared to continue practicing with the team - and will travel to Spain to do just that. These things typically resolve themselves either before or close to the start of the actual season. Counterpoint:

It is a concerning nonetheless and takes away an opportunity for Spellman to get some real game action under his belt this summer. Marquette's Haanif Cheatham went through a similar experience last year.

Jay Wright didn't sound overly concerned at the press conference following Summer Jam, saying this was a unique situation based on when Spellman startd the 9th grade. So we're hopeful this is a non-issue, and that this will sort itself out in short order.

If Spellman isn't cleared, he'll have to sit out this season and would essentially take an academic redshirt. He would then be eligible in 2017-18.