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Villanova Basketball's Spanish exhibition tour is over

No basketball until the fall :(

Huuuuuuuuump Daaaaaaaaay! Not much in the way of news yesterday, so let's just wrap it up with Villanova's Spanish tour being a massive success. It would have been nice to have Darryl Reynolds and Omari Spellman available, but their absence afforded the staff the ability to give heavy minutes to other players who needed it for a variety of reasons.

I'll have a little more on this tour later today, time permitting.

And now, the "news."

Nova Notebook: Cats in Spain Part Five |
In the final entry in our series, the Nova Notebook tracks the Wildcats through a visit to the Augustinian Monastery at San Lorenzo de El Escorial and through their final exhibition game victory.

Josh Hart, Villanova close out unbeaten Spanish exhibition tour | CSN Philly
Josh Hart scored 23 points on Tuesday to lead Villanova to a win over a Spanish select team and help the Wildcats close out their exhibition tour with a perfect record.

Getting to know Washington Wizards prospect Daniel Ochefu from a Villanova perspective - Bullets Forever
We talked to Brian Ewart of VU Hoops to get a better idea of what Daniel Ochefu could bring to the Washington Wizards.

College basketball: The 2-point guard system is redefining ‘small-ball’ |
Two-point guard systems are starting to trickle their way into college basketball.

The movie that defines each top 25 college hoops team? | ESPN
What do Virginia coach Tony Bennett and Jack Nicholson's character from "A Few Good Men" have in common? It turns out every college basketball team has a motion picture that defines it.

Foul rates dip after media timeouts | The blog
Since media timeouts tend to occur in the 15, 11, 7, and three-minute windows, I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume that media timeouts have some influence on foul rate. Immediately after these breaks, a player’s foul rate drops. It’s as if rested players are better at avoiding fouls.

Villanova Prof David Barrett Sues CIA Over Bay of Pigs Docs | News | Philadelphia Magazine
Villanova political science professor David Barrett knows a thing or two about the CIA, and now he is suing the agency over some Bay of Pigs documents.

LGBT Groups Urge Big 12 Not To Add BYU | The Big Lead
25 LGBT groups send letter to Big 12 urging conference not to add BYU.